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Are you open to trying new things?

Variably. I know what I like... but if I hadn't done it before... I can't be bias with opinions... "gotta try it fore I knock it"

Is there anyone who you jealous of?

Nay. No one is better. Just has more, less, or different. I am only envious of the birds, for only they know true freedom.
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I love it😂 you destroyed our love, and haven’t found love even though it’s been many years. I hope you never find love again. You do not deserve it because you’re wicked

Lol... I'm happily married, 5 years going. Lol.

If you had to live without any of your personal belongings for a year, would you be able to do it?

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Long as I didn't have to suffer alone. Sure.

Back when you were in school, have you ever taken an exam without studying and just said “fuck it!”???? How did it go?🤔😰🤭

Typically... and well...lol


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