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i'm so happy i found your jongin listography ;; i can't believe i found it just now. thank you so much for all your hard work!! ♥♥♥

You're welcome!! ^^ And thank you for your lovely words! :D

I just found your jongin listo and I just omg oMG OHMYGOD!!! Thank you so SO much for compiling those informations♥ Please dont stop doing it;; hhah

Thank you and you're welcome!! :D I will do my best!! ♥♥

I don't know if you get enough recognition and appreciation for you Kongin listography, but I'd want to thank you on behalf of everyone! Honestly, you do an amazing job and I really can't thank you enough ;~; ♡

Thank you so much!! ;_; Every message like this means a lot to me!!

thank you so much for making this listo, to be honest sometimes i miss some stuff~ you're helping me a lot!! ♥ ;;;;;;; seriously, i love you! ♥

No problem, and thank you! ;_; I'm sure I'm missing a few things here and there as well, but I'll try to be as thorough as possible so anyone can use this listo as a reference for whatever they need. ;;

thank you, it's awesome! :) btw, do you have tumblr/twitter?

Yes :-) My tumblr is ~junyeon, but my twitter is mostly personal sorry. ;;

aw ty so much for creating that listography you are seriously the best okay ;;;;;; ♡ do you know any other lists dedicated to exo (& members)? :-)

Ahh thank you!!♥ And it's no problem! :-) Sadly, I haven't come across any other compilation type lists for individual members. ;_; There is which is an amazing archive for EXO overall though!!


ahhh thank you so much ;_;♥♥ i'll do my best to keep it updated hehe!♥

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