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do you prefer to stay away from certain people and their bs

Sometimes I do but hey we all have our days.

Would you f a married person?

I did as a teenager but it was wrong of me. I can't say I wouldn't do it again if I could go back in time but I'm sorry that I destroyed someone's family.

Would you listen to your close friend if they told you to stop talking to someone even if that someone hasn’t done anything bad to you but was just odd in certain ways or seen as an outcast?

No I've believe everyone should make there own decisions in life

How long have y’all been single

Not long at all I'm a people person so I'm always finding someone interesting.

Who do you got a crush on

I'm not one for crushes I'm more of a go getter when I see someone I'm interested in.

Why you not sleeping now ?

Well in all honesty it is 5:06am and I should be sleeping but they had to rush my father to the hospital with his heart. They only live once so I'm gonna be here for him.

You'd be surprised how many people U been good to, talk about You like You like You ain't sh**

That's ok I'm a natural happy person so it doesn't bother me. Life's to short to waste despising people.

Are you obsessed with your Ex?

No she's an ex and that's what they stay I'm not interested once I'm threw.

Do you like picking out lingerie for your significant other? 😚💋

Lingerie is nice in all but I'm much more into just sleeping naked with my partner.

When was the last time you felt happy and didn’t self sabotage

I honestly don't self sabotage ever. I'm happy now. Hope your having a great night/day.


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