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wow congrats, what else fell in place today?

I was starting to feel less sad about her leaving, and I got pizza, and this really cute girl started talking to me and ya there's more I think but I can't remember

So is she saying she wants to talk to you again? would you talk to her again?

Ya but i think she means like just friends. I already said yes, so ya. Everything is randomly falling into place today, this is weird

if you liked her so much how can you get over her within a couple of days?

You don't understand how hurt I was. I wasn't so much getting over her as I was just accepting the fact that she left

wowowowowow she said sorry? at least she came back. are ya happy about it?

Idek, I don't think I'm as happy as I thought I would be. I kinda started getting over her. But ofc I'm still grateful that she said sorry and came back

why are you such a qt

Idk tbh, I think it's mostly my awkwardness and social anxiety. But thanks ily, I really needed that

how are you with the whole Victoria thing now?

She came back, telling me she was sorry. And I went through hell bc of her, but that also helped me realize some other shit about myself and the crap I've done to others. I can't say no to her, I still love her ya know so idk I just hope one day she realizes exactly what she put me through

wow congrats

Wow thanks but jk omg, now she says we shouldn't stay friends bc she gets a bad vibe about us continuing to talk and I think I am dying

did you do anything, how'd it go

Yeah, I tried. But it still didn't work out the way I wanted it to, I guess it's over for now, but we've managed to stay friends and continue to talk to each other yay


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