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hii okay so uhh tbh you're rude but that's okay because im rude too and uhh thank you for wasting your time to talk to me and uhh listening to my pathetic sob stories ((((((-: okay yeah bye

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what was the longest conversation that you had? And who was it with? And what was it about?

Franzine-Bæstfriend, 3 hrs and a half, I think, about a lot of things, we just met that time, so yeah
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Describe the ff: Edana Castanios, Chia Tolentino, Marga Aguilar

Edana: Nice, pretty, smart, medyo close
Chia: nice, pretty, smart¿, close-ish, good at the clarinet¿
Marga: pretty AF, really nice, smart-ish, daming boys, HANS!!!,

Close friends from the opposite gender from all sections?

7A - wala
7B - parang wala
7C - franzineee
7D - Gabby Santiago, i think
7E - ika, and fiennes
7F - Marga
7G - Pipa
7H - idrk
7I - Princess


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