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💗 How long does it take for you to tell someone you like them?

every body knows you don't tell a girl you like her it makes you look like a idiot
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How much sleep do you get each night?

i dont need sleep as long as the eternal fire keeps consuming this world

Do you think smoking should be banned? I definitely think it should be. It's disgusting

as a smoker i believe they should be shot

If you were underaged and you mother used to walk in front of your eyes naked while you were at home ,how would you react and what would you do ?

blow my brains all over her she should stop doing it

Would you keep talking to someone online (with whom you seem to connect very well) if they told you won't ever give personal info to each other or send pics, videos or audios and neither do phone calls?

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some time depends on the person and the the suff you talk about


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