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Tell me what happens when your prohibited something to somebody? it make them more curios, rebels, interested on it…

Tito41215969’s Profile Photokāh777מִלְכָּה
Yes i would have left but cant leave no money should have thought of that but greed took over

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We’re never going to be together. Get the thought out of your head.

Why u think i want to b no i wanted to catch u now u not dating no body but inmates

Does anyone else have insomnia? 😅

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Me i glad its over now town meeting i must attend people in power who use it to hurt people yo hide what they r doing making it do they cant work no food just to try an make them leave not this bitch told u in it cause u made me look so bad

I like your style :) my style is kinda similar to yours anyways your tattos look great :3 love from Hungary

Im hungry bad i need a roast beast on grill cooked by someone who likes to see people get happy cause its so good

Loves taking her toll on me, “She’s Gone” yeah or naww??

If its the best cook i ever had yhe pleasure to meet i hope not om done having to worry about who people r i no for shore now gave all to police now i file civil suit an charges for false charges on me an want all tresspass lifted an the mayor has yo tell me why he did what he did all ready filled on cop yesterday

If an independently wealthy man and an independently wealthy woman get married, do you think they argue about who cooks or cleans?

I will never no

if employees fall asleep on boring jobs, employers have to provide pillows?

Yea for there bus ride home

Why does mine keep saying I’m going against the rules????? What am I doing ????

Mine too every moring swearing i guess


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