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Maybe if you’re more honest with everyone, you can get over me. No matter how many times I reject you and how many times you realized I move on. You will finally get over me. Just trust the process. 💫

Please don't flatter yourself

You obviously haven't learned your lesson I promise tomorrow you will and then you will whenever we come knocking on your door with that camera all stuck in your face keep running your mouth about my children you're about to be put back in your place and that's on me and God

No one should talk about anyone's kids

Guess what I am and guess why I have been on ask fm for almost every day for 10.5 years.

Robot and you need to get laid

Is it typical for someone (specifically men) to choose hook ups over being in a serious relationship?

Sounds appealing

How can anyone text you if they don't know who you are anyway

LMAO I'm sure you know exactly who it talking to


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