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I can't express myself to anyone

Maybe because you're the number one guy who nobody can stand, possibly the number one blocked on AskFM US side

Do your friends save you when you find yourself in embarrassing situations?

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My friends judge me because of how strong my coffee smells 😂

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So my 95 year old granny wants to make us lasagna tonight, insists on using plastic Tupperware in the oven to bake it. What do I do since she won't listen to why that's not good?

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You've sent weird things before how can anyone detect if you're full of shxt?

Hello how are u

The American dream was built on fast food to control a whole population and offer disability checks for those who aren't physically able to work.
Hello how are u
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Can half siblings date each other or no ?

Just because you use a VPN doesn't mean the police can't contact the VPN provider and get your real ip address.... that stuff is all logged.

About to leave . only reason I’m on here is for one women. Its Too fake. Anon cryptic messages fake acc no accountability. It’s misguiding. Is there another side to ask that’s not so trashy ?

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All apps have bad apples, Dating sites are full of love scams.

My boyfriend was literally right about every single person I’m no longer in contact with or associate with it’s unreal it definitely showed who my true friends are and who just used me for money and attention but stuck around toxic abusive criminals just so wild to me 😭 appreciate him so much 😩

Why is there p*rn on Google of you.. hopefully your parents don't see it

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Some Women say body count shouldn’t matter, yet to them height matters in a guy😂 we literally have data and evidence supporting that women with 6+ sex partners are more likely to divorce.

Women are typically the ones who have scx before men because its easier for them. Men will pay for it in desperate circumstances


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