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any plan for the weekend

I have my kids this weekend, then they are doing a sleepover at their grandmas on Sunday because i have a date
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Have you been on any dates recently? Just curious since you haven't posted about any fabulous dates like you used to

Ive been on a few dates this month.
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What was the cash app for? Was Yeet paying you back or just giving you a gift? Either way it was really nice & thoughtful of her

I cash app friends and vise versa all the time
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Have you heard of the profession called a mining engineer? This guy on 90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise has that job. Someone on a podcast said it has to do with cryptocurrency but not sure if that's correct

Yes. In fact i work with a early on crypto miner (you need special gaming pcs and high performing at that) she and her husband are big gamer dorks and just got into it when it first started and they made a shit load of money

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