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tbh: we've hung out a couple times and it was really fun. You're so nice and funny and I really appreciate knowing you're there for me:) we should talk more though

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Yes we should text me! And thanks
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What the fuck is goin on wit ur friend nick and maddie? She's too hot for him does he think she fuckin likes him

Who and who?

What freshman are in your german class

Matt Barone, Nate Hughes, Shane Carp, Delaney Metzgar, Carly McCreesh, and a few others

Who's in your English class

Nick Sperando, Jared Bixler, Chris Rudolf, Cameron Dempster, nick Fischer, Katie fisher, Marissa B, mike festa

i thought u like jamie n r over kerryn

I mean I've been trying but it's but it's hard to move on from a girl that meant that much to me

u dont and didnt care about girls u just wanna hu and say u have a gf

Ohh if that's true tell me why I'm not over Kerryn tell me why I've been depressed for so long tell me why I can't go a day with out thinking about Kerryn and yeah I only do it for hu mhmm

Tbh kefly!!! I miss you so much! We used to be close af a whilee backk! Your so nice ilyy shoot me a textt

Dude I miss you! We need to start talking again! I'll text ya rn and thanks

what do u look for in a girl? detailed

Idek tbh just treat me right and show interest and if I start to like you then it is what it is


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