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What do you wish for the most in the new year?

some good ol' fashioned lovin' for each and every type of human that exists our there on this vast, but very comparably tiny, planet

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What is your opinion on watching porn?

the porn industry is fucked up and i will never support it as long as i live

Same, but by expressing these feelings, ideas, and totally necessary innovations online, not only can you overcome anxiety but you can blast the details worldwide ya know?

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I have nothing but applause for that answer to "How would you change the world if you could? Please begin." If you have more thoughts, why don't you organize them and beat them up with details? I mean that's how the change begins; with a lot more screams and a little less silence! Let me here it!

I'm so glad you applaud :~) You're really right actually. I should work on clearing my thoughts in general and then work on organizing them into something worth reading. I'm a pretty good speaker/writer, I just have too much anxiety.

How would you change the world if you could? Please begin.

Okay I'm pretty bad at organizing thoughts so bare/bear with me. There is soooo much flawed everywhere. To begin, the government has control of way too much and I hope that will someday be overthrown (because citizens have that power, y'kno). I wish that people would stop being greedy assholes. Capitalism is not the way to the top though it has been pegged as one of the best economic systems out there. It is ruining so many things: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I am on the verge of not even believing that a money system is necessary. Trade? Trade is super convenient and could be organized into a system if enough people believed in it. The fact that people still think gay marriage is a privilege is fucked. I'm super proud of Wisconsin for banning the ban :~) I just overall believe in equality for everything. I'm very democratic. And I believe that the government should have no say in what people are doing with their own lives. The purpose of a government is not to pick at every thing the citizens do. Can you believe there's a ban on certain tattoos an piercing in some states??? Good god. If it isn't affecting you, then back the hell off. Hm, what else. People need to stop urbanizing everything and realize that without the Earth we're all dead. It feels like everyone is killing everything and not giving a shit, when that is the opposite of what should be happening. Did you know we're the first species to really be on our own? We have constructed a line between civilization and nature, and that is so wrong. I have too many thoughts

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