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Can I speak to you privately on the phone? Can I give you my number Maggie McKinney? But I really need to know your answer.

Omg quit asking this way it sad go ask her damn!

If I wanted or needed your damn advice, I would’ve asked for it. Obviously I don’t need it. Go to somebody else who actually need it. ✌🏽

If I wanted or needed your damn advice I wouldve asked for it Obviously I dont

I’m still going to say what I want just leave me alone get the hell on….bye.

While you think about it I'll be doing it.

When people try to do stuff for you that you have already experienced. You don’t have an I have to stuff that I go through in my life. My own mother acts as if she don’t care about me, so what do you think you’re really doing to me. nothing.

Go to your room!

It’s only going to come back on you for seven times worse. So go ahead you only building a case for yourself. Smh!

Go to your room!

I wish these p0rn sites would stop hitting me up to work for them. I’d rather be a popstar than a pornstar 🥺 - M.E. 🔥

Cool story

Why do people hate on S*x Workers? We literally help you get off when you have morning wood first thing in the morning and whenever you’re alone and lonely, and this is how you treat us. No wonder you’re alone. 🙃

Um ok

Now if you really wanna read something in revelations you should checkout… chapter 1 verse 3. Chapter 2 verse 3, 6, 14, 16., chapter 3, first sentence of 12, because those are in red Jesus said it

Now if you really wanna read something in revelations you should checkout

texting a guy on&off for 6 yrs then the pandemic came& he came over the 1st 2 times unannounced then couldnt go more than 2 weeks without talking & seeing each other happened pretty regularly since the pandemic but I can't take his EMOTIONAL ABUSE ANYMORE is it wrong to ghost him?

TheRealJoli3’s Profile PhotoEmily Trudel
No he needs to grow up understand who he is then he can be a better man to you if you want that.

Does a relationship full of arguments and yelling show a reflection of truth and honesty

Sure as long as all that yelling is coming from the bed


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