Ask @legenczari:

Hi Czari! What age should you start using eye creams? I'm still a teen kasi pero I have really puffy and dark undereyes :(

You could start with something like Clinique All About Eyes. I started when I was 17 HAHAHA but don't use anything too strong!! Just focus mainly on keeping the area moisturized and protected 😊💗

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thank u so much czar!!! you're such a nice person, I wish I could meet you irl and shower u with more love and laugh w u also 😭💓 so excited for all your future endeavors (also congrats!!!!! on getting accepted to mu school) sending u big hugs

Thank you so much ily! Hope to meet you one day as well 💕💕😩

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Hi Czari. I just finished watching your brow routine. Just a suggestion and I hope that you don't mind. 😊 Please put the products that you use in the description box. They are really helpful cz we "screenshot" them for future reference. Thanks.

Yes super sorry I always just get so excited to post I forget about the description box! I'll add the products later tonight to the past few videos I missed! Super sorry talaga!! ❤️❤️

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Czari when i put on my foundation is it ok to contour after? Like cream contour? Won't my foundation move? Same question for my blush :( how do i make sure that i don't ruin my foundation. Thanks!!

It's ok to cream contour after! Then just set everything with loose powder after before you apply powder products like blush! Make sure when you set your creams, your face doesn't feel "sticky" na then what I do sometimes is just pat the products on with my brushes instead of sweeping! 💓

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