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Why are men assholes?

They’re born that way and society doesn’t exactly help. Girls hate nice guys and that doesn’t help either

do u like to drive ??

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I like driving. But I hate parking, traffic lights, stop signs, gas stations, flat tires, oil changes, insurance payments, cracked windshields, and the douchebags who always break in

How does the Internet influence your life?

I love online shopping. Unfortunately, I spend way too much time browsing social media.

Do you wash, dry and fold your laundry in the same day?

I could if you needed. I probably have some socks in there right now though

What do you even get from being on here?

Kind of like Sixth Sense. He knew he was talking to dead people, but he kinda liked it anyways.

Would like to hear from and see you.

My daughter. It’s been a long time. Just like a text or a note or something.

Is someone in love with you?

What a nice idea that there’s some mystery crush waiting for you behind any door. Sadly, no.

The best work of art in your opinion?

Those marble statues where the clothes seem to flow in the wind

What apps do you mostly use on your phone?

Hearthstone, Social Media, XCOM, Civ6, Roblox with kiddo, rideshares, Music

Looks or personality ?

It’s gotta be both. Can’t be lame or gross. Care about yourself inside and out.

Do you paint your nails?

I paint my daughter’s nails. I bought her the gels kit with the light. About once or twice a year, I’ll let her do my toes. But you’d never know

What are your goals?

I want to get my daughter back. Get financially stable. Awesome car. Awesome girlfriend. Better relationship with my family. Improve work situation.


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