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How do you feel about people who always have their phone in their hands , and don’t respond to your messages ?

Not my business

Why is it some people have to be in a relationship , literally jumping from one person to the next ?

No idea

apparently your beauty is insane because it is abnormal for society to see it 😭

Apparently so

Is it a nice plan to get in a relationship with a guy that you’re not actually romantically interested in but want to keep as a friend and talk to them regularly so you decide to get involved with them romantically?


If someone were to call you out and openly talk about your faults and mistakes in a public setting, how would you react or what would you do?


Do you really think any of These women truly care about you or love you?? Really do you think they gonna be there for you and you’re gonna find your true love on social media!!you are stupid as fuck

I’m straight my guy

Would you to it all over again knowing where you are right now or would you change it

I’d do it again

Could you ever forgive someone if they hacked your device supposedly without your knowledge?

I couldn’t care less


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