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... about your bf. I used to love reading your posts and now I just feel disappointed. Then again people change don't they.

Dayre is all my personal life though. And my personal life is all about my bf and family. I'm sorry if I'm just not interesting. :/

I feel like you have changed ever since you got that taste of fame. I have been a long time reader of yours but your posts are no longer personal and are mostly advertorials. Do you selectively advertise or do you promote all brands just because they sponsored you something? Even your dayre is all..

Really? I'm sad to hear that. :( I don't write for particular brands. They don't pay/sponsor me as well. I guess it's also because of 'fame' I choose to share less about my personal stuff on my blog. :)

What do u recommend from mama

Just go for the heaviest bread. LOL! I like their matcha anpan best though. :)

cedele tofu salad (so oily!!!!) and an orange for lunch. is that alot?

I have never tired their salad before. Haha. Hmm.. Depends if you feel full?

Your hair is so pretty. What shampoo do you use?

Aww~ you're too kind! I use a salon brand shampoo actually. It's call JS. :)

Hey, I follow you for some time, I find your reply and your look very great :) I just wanted to ask if you could help me, I have a bet I have to make it to tomorrow 310,000 likes, would be really great if you could help me, I would also like back <3

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I believe you.

Why did you say you were shy on the question below? haha so cute

Hahaha! Sorry, I can be random. Heh heh. :P

You are right. We sometimes do it because it is a human need and its natural and healthy every once in a while. Don't feel embarrassed or shy about it. We all do it sometimes and it is part of being human :) . I also thought you would deny it hahaha! But its cool you don't deny it. Why? I admire U

Hahaha! Thank you! :D like you said, it's a human thing and we are human, so why deny your own needs ya?

do u wanna gain weight?

Eh? It's not a want or don't want right? Naturally as a girl I hope I can eat like a pig and not gain a single la! :P

why do u always have things 2 do

Seriously, I have no idea too!!! Hahaha! Things just come to my hands.

for ur recent recipe, tomato paste= tomato ketchup?

Nope it's not, tomato paste you can find it in NTUC. :)

What do you do to fall asleep?

I never have a problem falling asleep. Unless I'm deeply troubled of course.


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