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Guys help me out on this one. Last month I told the guy I really liked to not message me for a long time. Now I miss him so much. I was hurt and wanted some space. He hasn't messaged me at all and I know I told him to. How can I talk to him again in so ashamed of myself. Idk what to do

Message him

If I can clearly see in a dream MULTIPLE times that you have whorish ways, why wouldn’t I reject you? 😂 I saved myself from DEFEAT!💯


Would you let your girlfriend sell content on onlyfans?

Yes! My bf could do whatever wants. His body your life.

I didn’t add any gifts to the collection, show your true hateful vile nature with ridicule and prove yourself consumed in sin. You and I both know the desire is overwhelming for you. Do it or stand in defeat by what you hate.


Why does using this app make me think about my ex more than usual?

That’s weird. You should figure that out


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