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These ppl are such vicious nonstop liars I have to travel across town to get groceries now. All just to protect myself. Laura’s ppl have rabies. If u don’t want me w/ Laura then I agree w/ u. She’d be terrible for me. So why do u all cockblock me? L will move on if I get a g/f! Duh


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Why is it that when we have mommy or daddy issues we search for those same toxic traits in our future partner ?

I honestly don’t know and I have both issues kinda

Consider that someone you have feelings for confesses to you that they have feelings for you. How do you react? Do you react at all?

😮😧😦😯 internally

The whole thing was a lie. I don’t you anymore and I don’t ever want to see you again. I really mean that this time. I’m really letting go, and you should too this time around.

You’re right


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