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Do you blame a women for letting a man have sex with her unprotected and getting pregnant or the man for ejaculating and getting a woman pregnant? Is it the man or woman with the ultimate say on who gets pregnant??

No blame if they are preparing for what’s coming. But both if they complain about it. We all should know how that happens by now

A klansman is running down the street, on fire. How do you react?

I was taught to keep my head down and move along

Would you stay in an isolated cabin for three months - no internet, cell phone, tv. No communication with anyone, no pets. For $100,000

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My husband likes that I have gotten fit and toned after losing 50lbs, but I want to be single and focus on enjoying life now. Should I stay married or file for divorce so we both don't waste each other's time?

Had this feeling a while?

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