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Have you ever forgiven someone for cheating on you? Just curious

Yes! But once honestly is broken. Then you need to put on your big boy pants and end it . A healing process needs happen . A life lesson needs happen . For give but in your time . Forgive doesn’t mean stay together

Get out yo feelings and get yo ass up and make sum money🗣✋🏼

stoneyysteppa’s Profile PhotoStoneyy Steppa
Put on your big boy pants ! Honestly forget your feelings . You should only worry about others and there feelings

Who hates the people that pretend to be anonymous just for been thirsty or been a troll or a creep I do anyone else ?

pimp27052’s Profile Photopimp27052
Hey we all get thirsty . I don’t know how you pretend be anonymous

Finish the sentence - nothing destroys a person so much as ....?

Dishonesty! Be truthful in all things . Why hide who you are ! The point is to find someone who wants to put up with you

do you like the way you are?

Yes it took a long time to see and to accept me ! But I love the things I’m into and how honest I am . I’m accountable and kind.

Do girls like being gone down on ? A girl is asking I do .

That is a personal question and only the person you are with can answers that . I would say yes most woman do like it ! But not all the time . Woman are complicated

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Females Need To Be Circumcised Too Coochie Lips Looking Like Theatre Curtains 💯

Well that’s the dumbest post I have ever seen. Honestly woman are beautiful creatures! And words have meaning to females and words don’t go away and it cuts deep. You should only post things to build them up . If you learn to do that you will have a happy life and partner .
All women are a work of art and beautiful! Each one different with qualities only unique to each person. Highly recommend seeing the beauty they all have

Lots people say there crazy. My question is…. Are you really crazy?

We all are crazy in our own way . What I think is fine and normal someone else may think no way!


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