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In your opinion, is being jealous and being envious the same?

Envious is owing a get back in someone for viping your toe energizing you to get more sin

If you knew less about a person wouldn’t you do your research? Just like you done to me? 😂😂😂😂😂

Know less of them sounds like your view of them is they trash

who is cheating in their relationship?

You act like cheating is an exam you're taking and count the days as in course study. As long as you're testing souls with spirits and not the other way around you're more than likely bringing the flame in your relationship and sitting it on your lap.

Did you not think they actually loved you?

If loved is used past tense than they never love you anytime. It was out of convenience they did. Being self conscious of their statement when terms are not even defined and known collectively

Is this considered a theory ? It's been on My mind that hispanic parents do witchcraft around the house to hold back their kids at home for as long as they can. The witchcraft is often done at home. That's why homes are always cluttered. To hide the witchcraft among all those things. Look around

Turning a bar a degree is shifting but speeding conclusion

How does your imaginary friend or conscious in dreams look like?

Like the spirits trying to see who you are in the room

Is it cruel to film your partner cheating or attempting to cheat and post it online or on television for everyone to see?

It shouldn't be for 18 and older. Younger definitely not

would you be jealous if your girlfriend was talking to another man in front of you

What are girls talking to a man for in any type of suggested inuendos

Any older guys on here?

Isolated and brought to ruined.
Missed my calling that's all. Stolen by trusted I thought to be true

Have you gone to a bar recently or planning to go to one soon?

Tried it and still ghosting me is the option all picked. Get myself out of existence is becoming the only result of pinned moves in concert with above and below.

let's play how well do you know your partner

Supposing you're at the well not the tree you've been grafted into. Now worm would with shocking persuasion

Do you expect to be forgiven?

No I'm expecting to be wiped of memories and discarded off as a betting chip. Now I've been forgiven not because none returned an actual notification I was even given to them. Now if you didn't attach to the piece given why doesn't it return back to me. It denied me for myself to be forgiven to who wanted me. No one.

can you love someone that lies to you

Wow that would be a problem if no charted progress is noted and how would you know the separation is what never occured. Only what changed is where you lied your heart to get heart now you both need the first one you gave to get the one you halve now.

I delete all questions because the person almost never replies.

I reply when the respondent is making comments more than 2 or 3 words.

Could really use some thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, or whatever else you have to offer for my dog who is facing a serious health complication right now and we're not sure what's going to happen 😔 But she is my everything and I can't lose her. 🐾 💜 please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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best friends when of the kind isn't so kind
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Why forgive if the same mistakes are being made over and over

Why are you confronting the behavior and offering a replacement in habit for desired result.


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