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What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?

their eyes and handshake and just the way they present them selves! if they wear a lot if makeup it means they have a lot to hide. if their handshake is weak it usually means they arnt really that nice. if they present them selves confident you know they are a nice person!
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tbh Maggie ily. showteam is soo fun with you! we've become close this year and you're one of my good friends:) you're so sweet and gorgeous and hilariouss. hot pink princess elephants;)

love youuuu!!❤️

I got the app I know how to get the pictures but there is no dream catch rand stuff like that. The stuff u have.

who is this and I will text you how to do it just leave your name in my ask box and your number if I don't have it and I won't answer the question!

Truth is: you are so nice and pretty! RAIN! JIM! Omg we have so many inside jokes and you are in two of my dance classes! And you are a really good dancer and i wish i was that good!

haha thanks!

I have that but I can't find we're you can do all that. (Also get the app after light)

ok... who are you first and then I will tell you!

Like we're you can put green tea on your pictures and that dream catcher. (Plzzzzzz tell me)

it's called picsart!

tbh- you are really pretty and nice. I'm happy that we have la together!!! we should get to know each other better!!!

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yes we should!

Imitate maci Witt

In art class
The baby
I had a dream about___
Are you pumped for art
*messes up my artwork
Look there's the baby!
My cats hate me!
I am a stump kinda guy!!!!(art class joke)
Who's your next teacher?!?!?
Can I have gum! And more


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