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what has vance taught you so far?

Vance had taught me that I don't always have to get through the hard times on my own, that I do have someone I can trust. He's taught me to have faith in relationships & also not to worry about little, insignificant things

what did Caleb teach you? or Dj?

like you said...Caleb and I were kind of awkward so that taught me to make sure I really get comfortable with a person before I date them & Dj taught me not to forgive too easily & not to trust people too easily. & I honesty have no hard feelings towards either of them
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Why are you back with that asshole what are you thinking haha sorry you missed your milkshake day;)

haha it's okay, no worries ;)

While I'm complimenting people, you don't even know me but you are stupendously(probably spelled wrong) pretty and are super nice and whoever brought you Starbucks ask if they deliver

haha thank you & I don't think he will deliver, sorry

Sorry I hit you in the chest with a tennis ball I still feel bad about it haha

haha I don't remember getting hit so it's okay! who is this? haha
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I never went and bought that ice cream. haha I will eventually.

haha you need toooo! it will change your life


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