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I wish I knew

I exactly know that feeling... I know it's hard, nothing can make you happy, everything seems sad, you feel lost and empty... or maybe not, but at least I felt that way for a lot of years... I didn't believe I'll ever be able to feel happiness again... and then, when I didn't expect it, my life changed and become much better... I know that maybe you feel like there's no purpose and that things can't get better, but believe me, they do... I don't wanna tell you all those positive bullshits like "keep going, everyhing will be okay" or "be more optimistic" or something like that 'cause I know it doesn't work and when I feel sad, things like that only make me feel worse...
I really wanna help you not to feel like this, make all sadness go away... but it's hard here on Ask... but I accept that you don't want me to know who you are, so I just hope maybe one day I'll be able to help you more... I keep my fingers crossed for you... just know I'm here for you anytime you need it

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