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What would you do if you meet an alien?

Whoever makes first contact with an alien owes it to the rest of the human race to communicate that we are intelligent beings. I would suggest trying to communicate through math or written word as much as spoken word. Math is universal, 2 objects on Earth is exactly the same as 2 objects on any other planet. Either that or scream and run.

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I want to get in on this thing where you ask offensive questions anonymously. Does it get tiresome being so attractive?! Oh... I'm doing this wrong. (Well, at least I didn't accidentally mention I'm slothborn this time. Shit!)

We all love you sloth xD

What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?

Eliminate hunger. From what I've been told, we produce enough food to feed everyone. Its just not profitable to big businesses to feed the hungry -.-
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What's a phrase you use often?

Whats up, buttercup? (I've recently tried not to use it as much since my wife just lost her childhood companion/dog... Buttercup)
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