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marcus perez
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What's the best part of your day.

Breakfast lunch and dinner

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Taco Bell or Burger King?

In N Out

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Wats your fav saying?

"You're allowed to have 5 emotional ass minutes in the day then the rest of the day you gotta be gangsta"

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what's you're favorite pair of shoes ?

White chucks all day everyday

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What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?



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what is your favorite animal?



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What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their smile 😄

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Opinions on Donald trump?


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What is your favorite ice cream?! p.s ILY!! AND YOUR AWESOME!

Oreo 👌🏽and you're awesome!

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Ask... What's your favorite candy ?

I'll be here for you


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Hey when you first started vine how did you get noticed?😊

I was a spammer 😂 I was the person commenting on big accounts say "hey come check out my channel!" But it worked lol

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Without asking him, how can I get a boy to tickle me

Glue a bunch of feathers on him till his whole body is covered up and rub up against him

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How do you feel about pizza?

Pizza is life

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Have you ever been in an awkward moment? Whats that ?

George Voiculescu

My whole life is an awkward moment

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Does your throat ever hurt from beat boxing to much?

Danielle Wunder

No I'm a robot, we don't feel pain.

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It's been how long since you've been on Vine? Ily btw💕

I post more on Instagram and Facebook :) check my bio for links 😜

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Thoughts on Justin biebers new music?

Aryanna :))

I'm a fan ✌🏽️

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Facebook? ❤️

Ariana 😁

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who are you !

I'm the beatboxer guy 😎

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who's your celebrity crush?

Qnn Mula

Kendall Jenner 😍

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How tall r u ?

6 foot 😎

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Kittens or puppy's ?

Pups aaaall day, cats are always mean to me

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Do you like tacos?

ashley czartoryski

Trick question...everyone loves tacos

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Would you ever consider visiting Australia??

Kelly Moore

I would love to visit Australia, looks beautiful, but y'all have like monster insects...idk about all that

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Favourite vine you've ever done?

Callum Bamford

The one with Ariana Grande 👌🏽

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