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What is more difficult for you, looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel??

rizwanfarooq’s Profile PhotoRizwan Farooq
For me, the first option is more difficult. Because I'm not used to tell someone how I feel and I usually feel so nervous to do it, so...
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It’s Saturday night! Would you rather stay home with the one you love or have a fun party with your best friends?

Of course, I'd rather choose option number one. (p.s : the one that I love could be any person, like my mom, etc)
Even though I also wonder sometimes what it's like to have lots of what you call "fun" party with lots of friends, maybe I'd like to experience it... Just for once.
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aku males naik ojek lagi 😔 kemarin abis jemput aku tadi jemput cewek lain 😡😡😡

lidiayu777’s Profile PhotoRr. Ayu Lidia
Lha terus kenapa? Aku harus peduli dengan masalah beginian? Halah. Ini kamu nanyain aku pertanyaan atau cuma mau sekadar curhat? Ini ask.fm, tempatnya mengirim pertanyaan dan menjawab pertanyaan, bukan curhat. Lain kali kalau ngirim pertanyaan tuh yang jelas dong.
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I'm sure I'm not kidding. Just telling you the truth. 😊

Nah, I won't believe you if you don't show me who you are.

Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and beautiful?

Rich and ugly. Padahal kalau yang dimaksud hatinya, I want to be beautiful by it. Tapi, fisiknya juga.
Like.. Do you get what I mean?

rambutmu bagus 🌹

Thanks a lot💜 my hair's kinda messy irl actually but yea I combed it & tidied it up, so yeah... And btw you're not the first person who has said like this ☺️😁
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kalo bebas milih pengn kuliah kmna? jurusan apa? knp? hehe

tukangNyepamm’s Profile Photoig. @viinrhyt
whoops, mau kuliah ke mananya aku ingin rahasia kan saja dulu. tapi kalau untuk jurusannya, I've always wanted to take degree in literature since a year ago bcs I think that's what my passion and my interest is
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Hal paling nyebelin waktu bangun tidur ?

Realising that I have to go to school early or I'll get a consequence that I never want to do (every weekdays and Saturday for these 4 months now, I mean from last month until 2 months later).


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