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Are humans truly creative, or do they gain their ideas from prior observations?

Depends on a humans, cause some humans a could be truly creative, but some taking the ideas from someone/somewhere else

Babe can I have a photo of you please?🥺

Who you calling “babe” huh
And I already had a pic of myself, on my profile
If y’all are blind then that’s not my problem

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k-pop or american music

What is there to think, I don’t understand, ofc k-pop
But I mean American music.. so fine also

You've recieved the sixth hint on who your boyfriend or girlfriend is. Your hint is that they are slightly clingy.

Oh damn

You have recieved the 4th shoutout on who your girlfriend or boyfriend is. Your hint is that they have sassy attitude.

Idk if I should believed that or not
But I kinda started liked it
Keep going, whoever that is 😏

You've received the 5th shoutout on who your bf/gf is. Your hint is that they are taller than you.

Glad to hear that

Do you trust any of your friends ?

Obv I trust my best friend, that’s the only person who I trust

What did you do this past weekend ?

I don’t remember what I did this past weekend 🤷‍♀️ oops

What are your goals for next year?

Pass all the tests and exams that I would take for my next school year 🤞that’s my goal
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If you had the opportunity to make a candy , what would you name it and what would the candy be made of?

Cypher_Gurl’s Profile Photo❀ babymamas ❀
If I had the opportunity to make a candy, I would name it “Mishka” (as my nickname) and it would be a chocolate candy, form of animal paw 🐾 and inside would be a white kinder cream

Anyone else app lagging ??

Nope, but it was lagging yesterday when I just created account.. now for me everything works fine

I don’t think my boyfriend finds me beautiful. He’s only ever called me attractive or hot. Anytime he’s said beautiful it’s been bootyful or b-e-a-utiful. I don’t even think he’s called me pretty or cute. All his exes are gorgeous and I’ve had crushes on them bc I’m bi. So like idk, ig I’m insecure?

Then stop being insecure

How can things of very different categories be considered equally beautiful?

mxmoonvibez7130’s Profile Photomxmoonvibez
Depends on the things, cause even though if the thing of very different categories be considered equally ugly

For girls. Lipgloss or lipstick ?

Lip balm (recommend) but really rarely using sometimes a lipstick


hupyquty9092’s Profile PhotoYone
No, but I’m playing Dead by Daylight
Also a pretty cool game and there’s also you can play with couple of people together ☺️

I’m not one of those bots so let’s be online friends if you want to..

thespookywitch’s Profile PhotoRonnie
I’m not here to find some online friends, I’m just here to answer people’s questions.. that’s all


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