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What is the ultimate goal or purpose in your life endeavors?

i have absolutely no idea. i play and sometimes (occasionally?) signal boost small, weird videogames which is a completely inconsequential thing to do within a larger frame. i am an atheist. i work an unqualified, lowly paid, factory job & will never be wealthy. it would be nice to be a little more comfortable and secure but i have no wish to live a wealthy lifestyle. all i can hope to do is live out the rest of my life in peace with the love of my beautiful partner.

Hi, im nuuup and i want to make a game for the next tbb, can i ?

Nuuup_Gamesssss’s Profile Photonuuup
i thought i told you that you could already. :-] whatever the case, please do or i can choose one of your existing games.

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What's your workflow like across the spectrum of a project?

AllPurposeDJ’s Profile PhotoDJ Greenfield
pretty chaotic honestly. i work during the week so most of whatever i decide to do is accomplished on weekend mornings and like most folks, i get distracted and demotivated.
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Hi! What was the most formative/important game that you played growing up? That most affected you, turning you into the guy you've become.

tough question. going through all the videogames that i thought of as favourites as a child: rick dangerous, robocod, magic pockets, final fight, flood, turrican II. while it would be fair to say that these games played a part in shaping my taste in videogames, they played absolutely no part in shaping me (or my attitudes) as a person. they were "fun" & little more.
i think if there was anything linked to videogames that actually had a part in shaping my attitudes, it would be when i became tired with the flood of first person shooters and the increasing trend towards "reality" that they attempted. it made violence and guns in particular, especially unappealing.
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Do you like persistent online toy/puzzle/things?

i like cryptic puzzley type videogame things even if i can't figure them out for shit. i'm slowly warming to sandbox-type things.

do you like autechre, aphex twin, boards of canada, or any other weird electronic music in general?

i adore some aphex twin and a few chemical brothers' tunes. i haven't heard of the others you mentioned but i don't really keep up with media in general.

What's your best tip for getting your game noticed outside the "mainstream" media?

it can kinda be pot luck in some respects because there is just so many folks making games for various game jams and the like. having a twitter account and letting guys like chris priestman and tim w know you exist is a good start and just knowing how to get into contact with them and the folks over at indiegames dot com.
on twitter, interacting with other folks that make small games can be helpful if your genuine about it and don't spam them.
there's no sure fire way to get your game noticed.

Is the next PBB going to have any exclusive games?

a number of people have agreed to make exclusive games, yes. it's all down to whether i can pull such a massive bundle off.

I want to make a game right now, but no ideas are springing up in my mind. Give me an idea, oh great oracle.

browse my twitter feed. there is a banner above this with a dog chasing a sheep. alter that and make it so that if the dog runs fast enough, it turns into a werewolf and slaughters the sheep. it feels shame and regret.

What do you think would be an ideal game jam theme?

something, anything non-generic. something to do with exploring emotional states or seeing life through someone else's eyes.

What goal/direction would you be excited to see small games, jam games, and other experiments start trying to tackle/approach? or any direction at all? would it be something like aesthetics or narritve, and/or systems and gameplay?

i'm not so worried about direction. i get equally excited about new aesthetics, narrative styles & systems & new roads are constantly being travelled. this is why i think it's terribly important not just to encourage folks to make games with whatever tools they feel comfortable using but that they understand that they are not required to follow any set of rules.
there are so many folks making new & beautiful interactive experiences. i can't honestly ask for more than this.

Have you ever tried developing games, if so what tool/engine did you use and did you ever finish it?

i haven't ever touched a game making tool. i often contemplate it but i have don't get that much time on the internet / laptop & have a lot going on with the little time i do get. if i did decide to start, i'd probably go with gamemaker or ags (there's so many tools to pick from nowadays).
it may happen one day if i stop playing & curating other folks' weird videogames.

I love all your trippy avatars, do you make them yourself or are they from obscure games?

i grab screen grabs from obscure games and fuck around with them in paint dot net until something stands out

What is the most obscure and the most well-known game you are including into TPB bundle?

i can only say "so far" obviously because the game list is far from complete and i won't tell you game names to keep the mystery and surprise in the bundle but the most well known so far might be something from petri purho. the most obscure... there is piles of obscure stuff in there. i think the most obscure so far is an rpgmaker game that i chased down that wasn't online anymore and i couldn't find the install file on my hard drive. i had to track down rpgmaker for the creator so that he could recompile it.

good luck with tpbb2 (please make a way to download it without pirate bay this time)

thankyou. it kind spread to other places via other folks last time, which was really neat. i'll do my best.

is there a list of games that you have made

i don't make games. i curate them for other people.

is there an update to tpbb

the only information i have to give is that i have gathered some hundreds of permissions and have many more to games to wade through and authors to get in contact with. it is a very slow process (sometimes i get demotivated by the sheer amount of work and organization and follow-ups involved). the frontend is being worked on and is looking good.
the one year time frame could turn out to be an under estimate, which honestly isn't all that surprising since it could be anywhere between 3x to 10x larger than the first bundle and the first bundle took me four months to put together.

Does the games in the pirate bay bundle need to run on a PC? Or would a homebrew to some old console qualify?

the idea of including a homebrew game for an old console actually intrigues me, however since the bundle is going to have a frontend that will run the windows version of each game, i don't see any way i can work it in if that is the only platform.

Maybe this is selfish but can one of my games be in your next bundle? Ive made some but maybe we didnt cross paths. Hope that isnt a requirement.

i won't make any promises but i am happy to take a look at your games. most of the folks i have included in the bundle so far are folks that didn't know me from a bar of soap before i e-mailed them.

I enjoy your game idea tweets a lot, I should probably look back through them to find a good game to make. Do you ever think about how space+time is one idea and maybe phenomena is geometric aberrations of that fabric?

i've never thought about it in those terms (i had to google geometric aberrations) but it's an interesting way of thinking.

how many games are confirmed for the next pirate bay bundle?

i honestly haven't counted at this stage but it is multiples of the first (at least two hundred, maybe three hundred).

What percentage of "barriers to success" do you think are just mental (fake) barriers?

wouldn't success have to be defined before answering this? success is different things to different people with different sets of abilities.
for me success is just finding different ways to get tiny unloved videogames out to more people so my barriers are more likely to be mentally self-inflicted but for other people (the folks who actually make games and spend a lot of time making the one game) success is critical acclaim and $ so the barriers are somewhat more concrete.

300 answer. what is your favourite microgame so far ?

lenapoleon’s Profile Photonapoleon
at this very moment in time, it would be a toss up between cat show: http://www.noxioushamster.com/games.html and soul jelly (which isn't on the web that i know of unless you download the entire pirate bay bundle). ask me on another day and i might give you a different answer.

On a scale from 1-13 how human are you?

most of the time, i feel like a stereotypical human but since i have the illusion of free will most of the time, i'd say between five and eight or thereabouts. there are times where i feel like i'm just going through the motions of a daily routine and i feel like a robot.

are you a fan of vlambeer's work?

i enjoyed super crate box and i really like most of jw's early games.

How is the Aus. scene for games?

pretty healthy, at least as far as underground stuff goes. lots of top notch game makers scattered across the country.
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what is your spillit??

first reference that comes up on google is a social network and i don't plan on participating in anymore social networks if possible.

married, dating, partnered, on a break, between lovers, swingin, or single?

happily partnered for fifteen years.

have you thought about creating a legitimate siite for freeware games. I'm talking interviews with makers, a behind the scenes looks, & articles about the games you find interesting.

i used to own a website called planet freeplay many moons ago. it became outdated and i came to hate its structure and limitations. i haven't really thought about running a fully fledged website since. besides, i don't get enough time to run larger operations properly.

where did you get the inspiration for the pirate bay bundle?

one day, as a joke, i searched for freeware games on the pirate bay. i remember finding this torrent full of hundreds(?) of freeware games but it was obvious that whoever put up the torrent hadn't asked the permission of the author(s) and hadn't put any effort into letting folks know that it existed. i think the idea started formulating from there.
this may have been an influence: http://www.piratekart.com/

sorry, i didn't mean to sound rude and or offend you with my previous question. i worded it horribly and didn't mean for it to come across in such a way.

that's totally ok! i word statements and questions horribly all the time. for a second i thought it might have been a troll or something. the internet is a crazy place.

what if

what if that was a question??? what if i was something you were scared of??? what if cats were androids??? what if i could walk up walls???
so many hypotheticals.

Yo bud can you get me a large Double-Double? I'm at Speers Beers. You can drop it off any time.

is this an alien language?

A lot of games rely on being heavily horizontal in level design, or don't give many options for three dimensional mobility. Do you have any favorites that do three dimensional movement well?

i honestly can't say that i do. just about any game that comes to mind is definitely generally horizontal in structure.

Is there any game that's out of print, vanished from the web, or incompatible with modern systems that you wish more people were able to play?

I can't think of an example off the top of my head but i regularly run into long dead links to no longer downloadable videogames & i wish every one of them was still available to play.


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