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How would you feel if you were interviewed by someone with a mask (anonymous) via zoom need opinions ASAP

I wouldn't do it cus why we gotta wear mask why we can't look at each other

Now do you ask forgiveness to the people you did wrong

I take accountability for my actions I have no problem with that 💯

Why do people post their random thoughts on here? This isn't your diary bruh

Lol that's the reason I'm starting to like it & me not posting any pics makes it better. A mystery

Do you have guilt ?? I feel guilty about many things.

Yeah but not no more. I learned to accept shxt for what it is & take it as a lesson. Can't dwell on shxt

At what age does one reach full maturity? I think 25 years old.

Age don't define maturity, I'm still a working progress myself. But I've met 50 year olds childish & ignorant asf 😒...
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Do you want to be with someone who won't judge you?

If you really fuck w/ someone you gone love em regardless, flaws & all..

People who were cut out of someone’s life, why did they do it and how do you feel?

Probably cus mfs be moving mainey & fake asf

Are you a movie date kinda person or long walk date kinda person?

Both but walks or watching a beautiful view is nice

Why grown mfkrs be acting like they need a baby sitter and shit

Cus sometimes we need a break lol especially if you the main parent

I want to fix our relationship but I feel a tension I don’t know how to get past. Do I just say sorry?

Yeah I'm hella forgiving . Smh to damn forgiving sometimes

Have you ever cheated and will you do it again?

Yeah I have & no I'll just leave if that's the case.... But I'm getting sleepy I think 🥺


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