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Who were ur roommates for wyldlife

Stephanie, Caroline, Morgan, Lauren, Mackenzie, Katya, Katie, Kaitlyn, Alex, Jennifer, Ella, Courtney, Ava, and Ashten


"Can I have your numba. Can I have it. Can I have it. Can I. Can I. Can I have it." LOL best video ever

who do you like? do you still like Chris?

Ummm good question haha i don't really knowww.. text me and I'll tell you

How did you get tickets to American Idol?

My dad's work friend is the son of the guy who directed The Land of the Lost and they had tickets but couldn't go so they gave them to us haha kind of confusing but we are really lucky to have gotten them!!!!

did Chris break up with you? U two were so cute together

well we were never "dating" in the first place so...
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kayte6784’s Profile PhotoKate
I agree
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what happened to your foot?

well... it's a long explanation but my growth plate grows too slowly for the rest of my foot (a disease called calcaneal apophysitis) and so it pulls on all of my tendons AND I DIE haha no it just hurts and I'll grow out of it :) sorry for a 2 month delay haha
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what effect/app did you use for the pic you posted "free sundaes for everyone" it looks gorgeous!

haha idk :P sorry I didn't respond for three months... haha oops
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Cool or burning hot? --!!--

BURNING HOT. but if you were on fire and I had a bottle of water I would drink it. HAHA jk
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