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Why are men assholes?

Some men are. Some men aren't. You just have to meet the right ones. Don't just date assholes and think that's how all men are after friends zoning the nice guy

Who is your favorite band?

I always say Metallica but their new shit sucks. Their 80's stuff will probably always be my favorite but as for newer music I don't know who would be my favorite
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Do you like Twitter? Why or why not?

Yeah I do. I mostly just use it for sports related stuff. If it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't be using it anymore. I really hate all the far left idiot liberals that are on there

ps 5 or nintendo 64?

Love the PS5 but the Nintendo 64 is my all time favorite system so I gotta go with the 64

Do you like female singers ??? I don't like it I only like male voices ..

Yeah I like female singers. I like both male and female singers

Why are there no loyal mature women anymore

There are. There's lots of them. Don't let the internet make you think that there aren't any good women out there. There's definitely lots and lots of great women out there

Do you enjoy watching the new onlyfans tv on your free time?

No I don't look at that shit. Anyone who has anything to do with onlyfans is fucking pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves. Whether it's buying stuff or posting stuff on there it's fucking pathetic and a disgrace to the human race. All the women on there are disgusting trash bags and all the guys that buy it are loser ass simps. Fuck only fans. Should really be called only simps or only whores or something like that


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