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Hi feaaa!!! I fucken miss you n fuck these hating ass people they aint got nothing better to do wit they pathetic life tu estas beautiful ♥

Angeeel !! I miss you to ;( and yeah I know... I'm getting used to it lol but how are you ?!
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Hey , i saw how this person was being really mean to you , but i think you really are beautiful(: with or without an edit c: they just jealous o: keep em hatin girl(: it amazes how you don't let them get to you like that c:

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Thank you (: means a lot ❤️
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You think who I am ? Tell me who am I

Well I thought I knew who you were but I guess not.. But then again people in Barstow air got nothing better

They have a point I've follow you for sometime and all your pictures had like 5 effects on it

Ummm that didn't even make sense but Okaii

My friend is right when we saw you in school you look nothing like your pictures

Haha I don't even know you or why you're hating

You want me to grow the balls to tell you? You grow the balls to take a picture with out effects and your hair up and a body pic tramp :)

Haha I know who you are and tramp ? Really? you should reconsider that... Since I've heard pretty nasty stories about you

Why do you have to use so many affects on your pictures ? Ugliness can't be hidden with photo affects

Haha you jealous or nah

Hey beautiful :) just wanted to say your so beautiful. When I saw your profile pic on instagram, my stomach filled with butterflies. Your so beautiful and I hope this made your night as it made mine just writing this for you. Hope we can talk and get to know each other. Well I guess thats it for now

Thank you it definitely did (: but I don't know who you are :(

Do you realize that when I see you, I get butterflies cause I didn't think it was true that I was seeing one of the prettiest people there were one this planet. You are one of those special people. Just filled with perfection. Just look at dem eyes of yours. You'll see what I'm talking about. Perfff

Who is this ?

If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?



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