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is marriage necessary?

Only in the eyes of God.
Legally you can have a domestic partnership which grants similar rights.

Can anxiety cause really bad chest pain?

Yes. And panic attacks.
Look into all natural treatments and meditation.

I just wanted to see you for a day, treat you and have fun, ya know. But who the fuck do I think I am with such a request, huh? Oh I forgot. I'm Nobody to you.

Then it's time to move on, isn't it?

If you started working or attending college in another state or another place in the current state that you live in, would you just keep to yourself or seek other people that you can hangout with?

Seek solitude.
I've already got plenty of friends and a HUGE to-do list.

Why do some people who know they are mentally ill and spiraling, when they have the opportunity to get help, to go therapy, they straight up refuse? Why don’t you want to get help?

Pride or the fact that they're mental makes them not trust who will help them / hurt them.

Why did guys alway cheat on girls?💔

presleyava’s Profile Photopresleyava
Not always.
Stats call 7/10 fm cheat on m
6/10 m cheat on fm
But it's a smooth 50/50 for m on m and fm on fm.
Why can't people in relationships just keep it in their pants is my question.

Is it hard for you to stay faithful to one person? -P.R.-

Not personally. For some though, yes. Love is a gamble with so many fake people out there.

I hate been ignored I'm not going to post anything more.

Then don't post. Just start answering random questions! It's fun!

Instagram or Tiktok?

Tiktok is spyware and Insta can turn on your camera/mic without you telling it to, so neither.

Why does people want to try to come in between someone's relationship especially since they are Happy

Jealousy, greed and impatience.

When you don’t have anybody that supports you and nobody’s there for and you don’t feel like you can call anybody what do you do?

Get on YouTube, watch some adorable animal videos, then look for some yoga and meditation videos.
Become one with yourself so you absolutely do not need to rely on anyone.
Become unstoppable.
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I've liked you since 2016, I just didn't like the rumors about you.

That's why you gotta dig deeper. Don't believe the lies. Jealousy is a killer.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Literally everything happens for a reason. Most of the time, that reason is so beyond the grasp of our knowledge, that it makes us sad that we can't understand or control it.


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