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Who is your favorite cartoon character?

And answer a few questions)
Why are you asking here?
How long have you been asking?
Do you really like doing what you doing here? Don't you want a normal conversation?

What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

Okay for real I will give you all help, I am amazed how often you write to me so I will delete ask and I will give you a chance 😂 even though I don't know you

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Have you entered book clubs when you first started?... Do you think it's worth it?

What is wrong with
You? Why you keep asking here instead of writing to me ?😂😂😂😂😂

Does anyone else think that the only good thing about Summertime is the awesome sunsets you, occasionally, get to see!? I'm a fan of Autumn and Winter!!!!!!! Spring can be good, when it rains for days on end, too.

Not me)

After breaking up from a romantic relationship especially one that was long term, how much time would you give yourself before going into a new relationship?

It took me a year

I don't have any specific question , so you can tell me one thing that doesn't know anyone else

I would love to tell it in person, for example I am honest and kind.

Who is your idol? why?

Riders 😂it's getting annoying, ask something you want to know. Let's say I will not answer until I see good question

If you could be any fruit, which one would you be?????🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍈🍒🍑🍍🍅🍆🌶🌽


You come across a magic book and whatever you write in it becomes reality. What's the first thing you would write in it?

A good wife

What do u do when you're under pressure?

Hmm depends on my mood, normally I will leave the room or house

Thoughts on people who constantly post about how they are single on Instagram

Stupid people who want to say what they are thinking, but who cares?

На что ты никогда не согласишься?

Ну на гейские приколы, не люблю танцевать не очень клубы... Не соглашусь на мжм😂 ток жмж хз что ещё спроси конкретно


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