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So does my crush like me? He stares at me we make eye contact he teases me in a mean way and playful way he's nice he stands close to me and sits sometimes, my frenids think he likes me, he asks my boy best friend who I like when there alone,when I.m with his frenids they bring him up alot, thank u.

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It seems like it, ask him.

Who else gets memories of embarrassing moments in their lives so randomly throughout the day?


What feeling do you always avoid? What makes you afraid to feel it?

Love, I'm not really afraid I just don't like expressing my feelings, and I wouldn't want to lead any one on cause I just don't think I'm ready for relationships atm 🤷🏾‍♀️

If a girl moved on and she block you on Twitter and kept you on request on Instagram that’s her letting you know she’s not interested correct?


Goodnight guys had a matcj today and won my singles 8-0🏆🏆🎾

Thank you, good night and congrats 😌🥳
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does anyone still use this lol

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Me sometimes, I be forgetting ab it sometimes or maybe just avoiding it but I cant help it cause I dont like leaving ppl unanswered questions 😅

I hate school!!!’

I wouldn't say hate cause that's a strong word but I be pretty close to that stage on some days

How do you know if a girl wants to be chased or if she actually just wants you to leave her alone?

Single words, if shes tired and drags her words and rolls her eyes slightly while shaking her head, if she stares at you like your barney she's probably actually mad but everyone's different!


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