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I lost you twice #, I lost you as a friend when if fell in love with you, and the second as a lover when we became strangers

Wow that hits you right in the heart ❤️,I understand your pain .

What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to do?

Have my dog put down .kiss my mom on the check one last time before coroner took her body away 😭!

Hey I have a question about my profile picture do girls do that often have there head on my shoulder like that cause that's the first time that ever happened my face looks soo surprised wasn't expecting her to do that

JP12345’s Profile PhotoJamie
If they feel safe ,or good enough friends,yes

Do you ever wish you could go back and just unmeet someone just so you wouldn't think of that person?!?

Yes yes yes

Do you want any children?

47 and have 2 adult boys would have loved to have that baby girl but it never happened,getting to old now at this point unfortunately.

Have you cheated on your significant other?

No not once !!! But he had cheated on me 3 times in 7 years now I should leave but I get drawn back how to you get strong enough to leave

Do you like people to watch you get off

Absolutely not that is private and should stay private younger generation always looking for cheap thrills have some respect for yourself

Do you miss someone ? 💔

Yes my mother who passed 7 years ago .I also miss good parts of myself that seem to be lost because of trauma and hurts in life

What do you do when you have nothing on your mind

For me personally that never happens have opposite problem my mind never shuts off it's always going like a computer it can be very upsetting at times

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