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Am i just being sensitive? I started ignoring my friend bcs she doesnt reply to my messages but replies asap to others?

Well tell them to their face, "I notice that you have not been replying to any of my messages. If you have a problem with me, then tell me right now and let's settle this. I am giving you this chance to tell me upfront what's bothering you, and I promise to listen. But if you prefer to keep on ignoring me, and ignore my attempts to have a decent conversation and understand what's bothering you? Then keep that shit to yourself. This will be the last that you'll hear from me cuz we're done. I'll walk away and take on the high road. But I won't be taking shit from you anymore because I know, I deserve respect and better treatment.

Bakit alam mo na dapat umalis ka na pero bakit gusto mo pa din magstay? Di na nakita yung halaga mo pero bat di pa din buo yung loob mo sa pag alis? Bakit?

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Sis, siguro kasi di pa nauuntog ulo mo sa pader.
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What will be your reaction if someone is thinking about you negatively...??? What do you think you'll do about it...??? Ignore it...? fight...? explain...?

If they're not family, or my immediate boss or my clients, then I wouldn't give a flying fuck.

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I really like someone right now, but I pushed her away. Do I deserve a chance from her if I try to talk to her again?

You think you don't deserve her, that's why you pushed her away?

thoughts nyo sa partner na tamad? tamad mag-alaga ng baby nyo at ikaw nagpapakapagod kakakarga plus preggy ka pa, wala naman syang work puro cp lang at laro. 🤡

There is still a great future ahead of you and your baby basta wag ka papatali dyan sa batugan mong partner!
Accept your mistake of getting knocked up by the wrong partner, but don't allow that to define you. Forgive yourself, lean to God in prayer and move forward with your life together with your baby. Get your act together, be responsible, seek help from family (kasi real talk, di mo kakayanin mag-isa) and strive to get back up on your feet by looking for work. And when you do get work, appreciate your work, do your best and one day at a time, doors of opportunities will open if you keep on being faithful to God, and you'll see a great future for you and your kid.

NAPAKA-AGANG PLOT TWIST NG TAON!! 😍 I got a job promotion.

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That was my plot twist last November 2023! And I praise God for perfect timing! Because when I took on the manager role, nag-pass din ang company ng memo that will add more earnings and incentives to managers...that were not offered to previous managers ahead of me.

Aminado akong nagugustuhan ko din siya pero habang tumatagal parang nawawala eh. Unsure lang ba talaga ako sa feelings ko towards her or hindi ko talaga siya nagustuhan in the first place?

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Do you see a future with her?

I need friends. Wala akong motivation. Paano ba kasi tulungan yung sarili if nasasaktan ka pa?

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Kamusta ka na ngayon? Sana okay ka na.

Yung mas matimbang pa yung friend sa gf 🚩

Wag ka ma-insecure sa friend nya. Ikaw pa din ang pahinga nya at laman ng puso nya.

is it ok to think that he was with someone else now so that I can move on right away?

Girl, it's okay.

Is it okay if your partner does not flex you in his social media accounts?

Okay lang. Pero sa IG nya, 1 post lang sya, at yung pic ko lang yun.


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