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What would you do if you found out someone was spying on you, completely invading the privacy in every aspect of your life and dropping hints about their invasion in various ways? Would you kill who you suspect it might be?

i know they are and i know who all is although its unwarranted it does make me angry ang god help them if i ever catch them that will be the only time i react out of anger is catching them in the act of

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You want to play by ignoring me? You about to be made when I play back and forget you exist?

You already treated me that way

I hate this year. 2022. It was the worst year of my life. It fucking broke me. I hope 2023 is better 💔

It broke me to watching you from afar hurts worse than I hope you never have to do that . What dreams may come

what do you get out of holding yourself to unrealistic expectations?

I’ve always gained those expectations my whole especially when everything is working against me I keep going as hard as it gets it dtlrives me more

The gov’t reverses the polarity in your devices’ speakers turning them into microphones to listen in on you. J/k, I made that shit up.

Great 20 years in the making

Favorite kind of pizza?

There is this Cajun pizza mirror nice to get from this place oh my God it was awesome yeah shrimp everything iMessage to Casey spices I was awesome and the best pizza ever

The reason narcissists F around is cos sex is a source of narcissistic supply and validation. Narcs also want u to bond to them thru sex so they can ABUSE you. They like seeing you degrade yourself and may ask you to take pics of ur self doing acts…. Its not the sex narcs like…

Yea I don’t think I’ll be degrading myself ever I can’t do that and believe I’m my god as I do

What turns you on?

Lots of things lots situations public play in public you know I just sex you know lotta things I’ve had a lot of public sex

Are you Controlling in a relationship

No I’ve never been controlling I’m a Aquarius I sit back and take everything in and I think of the best thing best things to say in this situation. You know this way to handle situations that is and I get my input that my input doesn’t have to be taken. I can’t help it if you’re predominantly as of right just kidding I know I’ll always be wrong.

Have you ever made the mistake of assuming your wife will leave you and you pack your stuff and go before it happen ? But in reality she love you


I have a problem I have a boyfriend but I also like another guy and I don't know which one I feel like a horrible person and I probably am I just need an opinion on who

Mabey some time with yourself will dobevn more good🙏🙏🎅


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