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تَاهَتْ عُيونِي في بُحُورِ عُيُونِهَا ... واحْتَارَ قَلْبي أَنْ يَغُوصَ فَيَغرَقَ ... أَوَّاهُ مِنْ رَمْشٍ أَحَاطَ بِعَينِها ... سَهْمٌ تَوَغَّلْ في الوَريدِ فَمَزَّقَ ...


I deleted all of my old accounts, everywhere. I wonder if you saw all our old messages disappear? I only wish you the best happiness my love. 💜🍻 here’s to meeting such a beautiful soul that changed my life, I’m just glad you were part of it, if even for that fleeting moment. Take care & be safe.

Who's this 🥲🥲🥹
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