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What about the times where I said that I missed you? Or when I was asking questions trying to get to know you more? You probably didn’t even know that it was me, but it was.

Who is me?

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Can we be secret friends?🥺

? No why would I want to be friends with someone who has me as someone they hang around only in secret.

Why does a man walk away and give up on the one who actually loves and cares for him? Then go around saying "I'm ready to settle down" or "I want a relationship" ... But he had a loyal and solid female by his side.

Good question

Ik u know I'm talking to you but please come back I need you.. your my everything my peace I can't live by without you my body hurts if s knowing I'm writing this for as bunch of strangers to see but I really fucking need you please come back...

? Who r u


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