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What hair length do you like on guys? (Short, Medium, Long eg.)

I think it depends on the guy. Some people look super good with long/medium/short hair and others don't. I think short-ish, maybe a bit shaggy? That's kinda cute.

Best thing to happen to you recently?

I would have to say Good Life and Shyanne's Party. Shy had a great night and everyone had a pretty good time, and Good Life was amazeballs. :)

All those hate anon's can fuck off with their weight shaming. You've always been so beautiful no matter your weight :33

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. It's ok though. They have their opinions, I just wish they'd talk to me in person about it instead of going anon. :)
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What is the most serious problem in the world?

Human Beings? (We have fucked up so much shit I cannot even. People still have problems with homosexuals, women having control of their own bodies, and basically anything that doesn't completely conform to their values, beliefs, and stupid fucking thoughts.) MINI-RANT OVER; GREEDY OUT.


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