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Alright English I have just one question. How the fuck did you seduce a Strider?

GodtierJoe’s Profile PhotoJoe Knight
Ok um. Hm.
I wouldnt quite call it *seducing* a strider so much as probably the reverse? If giving me infuriating presents even counts as bewitching me that is. And it doesnt!
Even if i guess as crummy as the gifts were i did come to value the thought put into them. They were still pretty freaking unbearable though.
So maybe it was just my boyish charms at work?
I dunno this seems like a query better tossed to mr strider than me.

Now I can usher forth the pet-name apocalypse without needing to take a breather. Let me know if you like any of the following: J-Man, Handsome, My Boi, Pumpkin, Huggy Bear, Tarzan, Boo

PlushRumpus’s Profile PhotoDirk Strider
I counter your proposals with D-can (though im a little fond of d-day even though it doesnt rhyme with man) bubblegum my joy umm... does anything even rhyme with pumpkin besides bumpkin???
And shoot. I kind of want to rhyme bear with mare but that probably wont do. That is unless you WANT to be called a filly.
How about sweet pear mr man and coo? Even if it makes no sense.

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