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Ano po ba magandang isagot pag sinabihan ka na “Ang panget mo”?

para na rin akong sinabihang basa ang tubig. ano isasagot ko riyan haha

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Should people pay more attention to other people than their phone?

and yet most pay attention to other people through their phones lol

And to that Richard, yes she so wanted it bad, you were absolutely needed in that ride.

sorry why are we reading this?

overshare is not good right?

Mahlovesss’s Profile Photobella
it's a symptom of something much and far more important than what youre actually worried about. look within. find out where it is leading to, what it is trying to tell you about yourself and what it is that needs to be felt and done

How tired are you?

im mentally and emotionally stable naman. physically, i get enough rest din halos araw araw. i think good amount of pagod/stress is good for us to bring about change and improvement sa sarili and buhay natin at large. and it seems this what greatly contributes to my current state of well-being
i wish the same for everyone esp those who are still unable to find the answers to their biggest questions in life. i hope we all find peace in our navigation through our uncertainties

Paano ka napapakilig at kailan ka huling kinilig?

lord of the rings fellowship of the ring when arwen gave up her immortality for [her love for] aragorn by giving him the evenstar necklace

How do u express urself when u like someone?

i simply communicate my genuine self. no systems, strategies, etc. [esp pretense and exaggeration]


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