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Hi, what podcasts do you listen to?

Hmm, I listened to Artidote before, it wasn't called a podcast but just the same, if you know twitter space 😅

I use dummy account to chat my crush huhu di sya nag respond

Baka naman he really does not respond kapag dummy user lang ang nagmessage.

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Okay lang ba ang 4 years gap na relationship

Okay lang, as long as no minor involve, para sa akin ayos lang.

What are the things that girls don't like about chatting with a guy?

Puro tanong kung ano ginagawa, kung kumain na, lalo na hindi naman kayo.

What to do if di approve ni Mom yung boyfriend ko?

Ikaw ang nagmamahal, it is your choice. Pero ask your mom what is her reason. Malay mo it's for your good and valid naman pala.

Just wanna ask a question kung ano ang meaning nito. 8 years ago I courted a girl na may BF while courting her hindi ko sinisiraan BF niya. Fast forward hindi sila nagkahiwalay,so hindi nagka kami. Pero nag thank you siya sa akin at binigay niya ang kanyang picture. Ano meaning nun?

You can't have me, but you can have this picture at least. Someday, you might see this again and smile, and realize how much did you go for love.
Actually, Idk. You should've asked her. My answer is just something that pops in my mind.

putangina yung national id ko!? see you next life.

Kasama na atang nasunog or hindi talaga ginawa hahahhahah

Describe what it feels like when you're drinking alcoholic drinks and when you're drunk af. Do you remember the things you do while you're drunk or you forget everything?

Drinking is fun...at first. Drinking sucks. Idk but every time I drink, my body aches.

If fear was not a factor, what would you do differently in your life?

Travel, explore more things in life.

Heyyy pano mo masasabing naka move on ka na sa ex mo? As in yung fully healed ka na

Kapag nagkita na kayo ulit, pero wala ka na maramdaman, sakit o saya. Wala.


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