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What kind of drunk are you? 1. Silly drunk 2. Talking drunk 3. Dancing drunk 4. Get N@ked drunk 5. Pass out drunk

None of the above. If I ever get drunk am just chill and laid back like I normally am
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Are you straightforward/direct in your approach towards the person you have feelings for or do you tend to beat around the bush?

Direct…. I need to know what’s up so I can move accordingly

What do you think about a man who offers women money to sleep with him?

That is his business. I’m not going to judge him for that because it’s his life

Should I remain single or try to get back with someone I love? 🤔

Why did you leave the person you loved to begin with

I must confess 😢 sorry I cheated on you 😞

Well we all make mistakes hopefully you will learn from this and do better with the next person

do you give up easily?

Sounds like you might be intrigued with the thought of loving me but your not in love with me without knowing anything about me

Ignoring ppl and giving them the silent treatment bc ur mad isn’t gonna hurt the person it’s gonna hurt u cuz eventually they’re gonna move on

Yes people can change and learn from experiences. Being a better person is always possible

Is it right for people to go through your stuff

Not without your permission. They shouldn’t touch your stuff without your consent

If men and women are equal. Some chick compete with me in push-ups and ill prove men are 10x stronger

In strength most woman would not be able to compete. Men bodies are composed of more muscle mass then woman. But there are some woman who may be able to beat you though

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So my 21st birthday is tomorrow and my boyfriend is going to stream at 8:00pm ON MY BIRTHDAY. I just want him to spend the whole day with me, it’s not a lot to ask for lol. On his birthday I got him presents and I was with him the whole day and he’s not going to do the same for me. Idk what to do😞

Have you told him this. Have you spoken to him about it. Does he stream to make money as a job or is it just something he does passively. The main thing is to voice your frustration about and figure out a solution


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