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*screams in emotional pain* I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL DAY

thanks for the positivity, but I am more concerned for you. Are you alright? need some emotional support?

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What does a deaf person look like??

You and everyone else, most of the times; the majority of them are much are adept at using sign language, too.

Are you polite with people that don't speak english very well ?

I am polite to people by default, English speakers or not. Or is it a norm to not be for some people? Sounds less than ideal.

Yes I do enjoy his company and like him a lot as a friend but you are not going to tell me when and how to handle my friendship with this man.

thank you for the heads-up about your preference. Have a great day!

What is better than chocolate?

a lot for me, actually. I prefer light roasted coffee beans, vanilla, hazelnuts, butterscotch, any rum-flavored beverages, and sometimes a little peace of mind at the right moment.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

self-doubts, COVID-19, excessive stay-at-home side-effects, etc.

How can you tell the difference between ppl make fun/teasing you because the like or because they don’t like you?

the short answer would be “the eyes, chico, they never lie.”
the longer answer would be that you can only tell the difference between the specific person and the immediate others around you, not necessarily one type of people vs. another type who may or may not like you. Getting back to this person you asked, how do you usually interact with another? is it the norm or unusual thing for you to tease one another the way you do within your circle of work or personal relationship? how long have you been together, and how comfortable are you together (i.e., how comfortable are you around their jokes and behaviors and vice versa)? All these come into play to identify the specifics for this person only. While figuring out these questions, recall how they always look at you and behave in your presence ― is the atmosphere mostly positive and personal or more apathetic and polite?

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Do you count on educational institutions for all your knowledge?

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
no; not really. Personal education journey should stay as it is ― personal education journey.

Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone?

I’m without my phone most of the times because I have anxiety (introversion feature), so yes, good with no cell phone!

Have you drank any eggnog yet?

I love eggnog! I will drink it everyday if given the opportunity. Unfortunately the it does not help with staying within my healthy weight :)

It’s sad how each year it seems parents are becoming more selfish when it comes to their kids. Not letting them be “kids”

huh, I guess I am not the only one who thinks about this issue seriously. In my state of California, for example, I cannot agree with parents who actively present their children with LGBTQ+ materials at 3–4 years old then say it is completely essential for these children to assert these terms in describing themselves and their peers. Of course, I cannot tell parents how to think, feel, or decide how they should teach their children, but exposure to certain materials could benefit from much more attention, cautiousness and conscientiousness from responsible parents, especially when used for educational purposes.


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