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In the 2024 elections, if Biden and Trump run for president, who would you vote for?

I’d rather vote in a toilet seat

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Should cigarettes be illegal?

KittenCyclops’s Profile PhotoKittenCyclops
I don’t know I’m kind of in between on that stance. I don’t really care that people smoke but at the same time of cigarettes were banned it would clean up the environment a bit.

My boyfriend won’t come to me on my birthday because he’s going to play pool with his friends. Am I stupid if I feel hurt?

You can come to Grimmus birthday party

Can someone who suffers from depression and trauma ever be really loved by someone?

Give me your number and I’ll pull up

Dana dunkle it's me tristen I'm your friend I was wondering if you could dance with me at night to shine next year

This is not Dana. She is being held captive! Pay me $2,000 upfront and I’ll set her free

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