Ask @secretlytodream:

Hey,I want to learn how to edit videos but I have no idea where to start.Do you have any idea/advice?

Honestly, just get yourself an editing program and start playing around. If you don't know how to do something - just google it. At first it's gonna be a lot of time spent on looking up those things, but after a while you'll stop thinking about the technical side of editing and you'll just start having fun creatively.

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Hi, I want to get into making videos and was wondering what video maker you use ? What do you think of wondershare filmora ?

I use Sony vegas 10, I'm lazy and old like that haha Personally I don't like filmora, but it does have a nice library for titles and lower thirds and everything you might need for editing interviews, vlogs etc. Not so much for fanvidding though. Plus it's a paint to work the timeline imho

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Hey, I hope it's not too much to ask, feel totally free not to answer me and ignore me hahaha, but I was wondering where you found your Kings episodes? I can't seem to find them everywhere I searched for them.

Celine Stilinski
Hi! No problem at all! I found them on one of the Russian torrent websites, but yes, when I was trying to find them in the “English” part of the internet, all I could find is the low quality episodes.

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Hello! I was just wondering how you remember scenes! Do you write scenes down as you’re watching the show or do you just have a good memory etc

Hi! It depends. If I know the show well then I just remember everything, sometimes I do write some scenes down, sometimes I rewatch the episodes and choose scenes at the same time. If it’s a movie then I’ll just open the whole movie in Vegas and start choosing scenes as I go along. Hope this helps :)

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